Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 11

November 8, 2018

Welcome back! We are rollin here. On this week's episode. We show you how to NOT open a podcast haha. We love to have fun and nothing shows that more than our intro shenanigans. We jump right into a lot of Marvel talk. Movies, Netflix shows. We give you a preview of why JJ won't be a comedian as he fires off bad joke after bad joke! Frank's thoughts on the DC universe and how misunderstood Zack Snyder was. Ranking Superman actors. The Arrowverse crossover event and Titans talk. We jump around, strap in and come along for the ride!

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 10

October 30, 2018

Happy Halloween!! It's our Halloween episode and we do a little break from the normal routine. We start off with some sad WWE news and then break into Halloween movie talk. Bane, again, shows up and we keep the horror theme going with some American Horror Story and House on Haunting Hill talk. Ghost stories and more. We finally hit some brief Star Wars news and then jump back and talk Ghostbusters. We round the show out with some really good video game talk. AS ALWAYS make sure you listen, you subscribe, you like us. We would LOVE some reviews. Positive or even negative. Anything to help us make this more enjoyable for you!!

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 9

October 5, 2018

Welcome back! Episode 9 is in and at this point, 9 shows in JJ is over theories about Star Wars haha. We welcome back the Bird man for the first time in a few shows and boy does he deliver. As always we get right into it with the latest and greatest pop culture news, thories and just downright silliness. Please make sure you grab the show from ITunes, Spotify, Podbean, AND YOUTUBE! like us, tweet us, facebook us! We want to hear from you!! Keep an eye out because we're going live on twitch and facebook in the future!

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 8

September 21, 2018

What's up everyone?! We came right back at ya. Here we are focusing a little less on Star Wars and a lot more on Marvel, DC and other nerd related things. That is until we go back to Star Wars and see how happy JJ is about that! always. Stupid Bane. Make sure you hit up iTunes and give us some reviews on there. It really helps the show. Get us on FB, Spotify. We're everywhere. Coming soon to Twitter and IG! 

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 7

September 16, 2018

WE ARE BACK! After a few weeks away we're back and firing right into the Star Wars Universe. What a shock right? We break down our 5 favorite TV series finales. Well almost all of us. We talk a little Witcher and just a whole bunch of random fun stuff. JUMP ON IN

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 6

August 10, 2018

Hey! Thanks for listening. Make sure you listen to the end so you can do a little bit of fun homework with us! On this week's episode we jump right in with BatWoman news, Star Wars and Marvel, stupid Bane shows up again, Star Trek and a whole bunch of other stuff. We touch on the James Gunn issue and Bon Jovi in the Terminator haha. Listen at the end for the homework!!

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 5

August 2, 2018

Welcome back! On today's fun filled episode. We start with Ant Man Spoilers. If you haven't seen the movie you might want to avoid the first 15 mins of the show or so. Then it's all over the map. From Star Wars to Marvel to Dargonball Z. We really touch on alot today. Make sure you listen! Leave us feedback on our facebook page, look on ITunes and now SPOTIFY

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 4

July 27, 2018

The one about San Diego Comic Con! We talk today about Warner Brothers. Are they finally turning a corner? The Walking Dead, Fantastic Beats. Star Wars! We get a little bit into Christmas in July, Glass and Star Trek. Godzilla and we wrap up the show with a little WWE talk. Make sure you hit us up on our facebook page, like us, love us, review us on ITunes and don't forget to subscribe!! Talk to us on our facebook page and tell us what you want to hear us talk about. 

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 3

July 17, 2018

This week's episode is a little bit of Star Wars, some Marvel and DC talk. Where did DC go wrong? We branch out some more and talk about some of the big news in the world of movies and TV. Thanks for your continued support! 

Nerd Revolution Radio Episode 2

July 6, 2018

Episode 2 is now live! This episode is complete chaos. We introduce a few new people and with the backdrop of fireworks and a random train we bring you more total nerd fun!